Tuesday 21 August 2012

Day 1

Day 1 has  been & gone. Its a good thing as it makes way to days 2+
Breathing now so can also send an update. 
We left France at a crazy hour yesterday, 4.30am waved good bye to Carol & Mike and green rolling hills soon to be replaced quite dramatically with asphalt, traffic, buildings and flashing lights. 
Flight was pretty smooth although if you are ever given a choice don't choose United Airlines. Hopefully their flight attendants are not indicative of Americans in general; 
Huge smiles, absolutely useless, and quietly obnoxious. 
Nomi & Tomer watched Mirror Mirror three times, ate schnitzels and crisps but didn't sleep. Poppy wasn't very happy, but quietly so, she nodded off at times and so did we. 
Big car was waiting to deliver us to our hotel which is not very pretty with windows that don't let in a huge amount of sunlight, but very spacious and will do perfectly till we find our own place very soon we hope. 
I think only once we do that we will feel like we are not on vacation anymore, as that is how it feels right now. 
Kids were happy after unpacking the goody bag left for us by the Jewish Agency people and after a little walk with Jona. I was happy when they came back with yummy chicken Soup and a salt beef sandwich. 
Poppy was extremely miserable & crying a lot till she finally fell asleep at about 7pm. Following lots of calls to health insurance providers and doctors we decided to wait till morning to see a Dr. 
This morning kids woke up close to 4am local time, 11am French time but were quiet till we all surfaced at about 5.30/6.00. Also, this morning, someone we were introduced to by Jeremy, and have been in touch with via email helping us with various issues called after I emailed him last night. New friend Uri gave us details of good paediatrician in the Upper West side and now have an appointment for 12.30, so  very happy. 

Roly, the Rabbi called to welcome us yesterday and said to take time, no need to make a time to meet next week, and also gave our number to nice people who called to invite us for Friday night. They have three young boys and sound very welcoming, so all is now falling into place. We even have weekend plans, Sarah's birthday BBQ on Sunday, got a welcome message from Simon, and a nice welcoming email from Jaron, so look forward to seeing them all very soon. 
We sent Jona out to find us a lovely apartment today, and to get to know our new neighbourhood. 
Arriving in mid town yesterday was very overwhelming and he was encouraged when I told him how different the UW side is. 
I will go up there later with the kids for the doctors appointment, lets see how they handle the subway
Will keep you updated, 
From an optimistic Orli

Below, picture of Tomer as we arrived yesterday, he was the only one who agreed to pose under the flag, and one of the family sent to the shul newsletter from France 2 days ago.
Our number is 212 661 2100 room 108 if you need us. 

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