Monday 7 May 2012

Upstream & downstream

This one is about people…

We just had my Nephew's Bar Mitzva this past weekend.
It was a warm intimate affair, with close family & friends.  In my sisters garden on a Saturday afternoon, chatting with people about all there is to look forward to in NYC, looking around and seeing all we will be missing.
There is something about an adventure like this that can send you upstream or down stream. Upstream is more difficult to row, into the unknown terrain, where you haven't been, where you don't know what, or who will be around to help. Downstream, an easy row, and where you are constantly pulling back to where you came from, to what you are missing, and are dominated by the fear to move forwards.
In the previous posting I "called out" to any of you who can put us in touch with people you might know in NYC.
I am so taken aback by the responses we have received. I have made contact with so many new people this week and they have been so friendly, willing to step up and help in any way possible, and they in turn have referred me to their friends, and so it goes.
This week we are moving up stream. And while we don't know what lies ahead, there are kind helpful people on the way.

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