Saturday 28 April 2012

Here we go - 1

Dear Friends and Family,
A first post, hopefully not the last...
Not sure how many of you are in the loop, but I have been in the process of applying to be a JAFI shlicha. After a long and at times excruciating process, and nearly ending up in Toronto, it now seems we will end up in ... NYC! as of this coming September.
I will be working with a really exciting community called B'nai Jeshurun, working together with them to build a comprehensive and coherent Israel programme.
We are all very excited about the move, and while there is plenty to prepare and organise both in Israel and in NY its an amazing adventure.

Kids are excited, Tomer mainly about living in the same country as Disneyland and Sesame Street. They are both very excited about Central Park, and watched the Smurfs movie today because it takes place in Manhattan. Poppy is just constantly excited...

We are now looking to talk to people with kids of similar ages who we can ask about schools and nurseries etc. If you have anyone you can introduce us to, we would appreciate it very much.

More to follow,

 Love to all

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  1. good luck to you and yours! BJ is a wonderful place, and R. Bronstein is a good friend of Makom. So we may yet manage to play together!
    Robbie Gringras