Saturday 1 September 2012

Further afield

The  definition for further afield, according the online dictionary I found is - "in places or areas other than the nearest or most obvious one".
A definition that can't be truer, or closer afield, to where we presently are.
Over the last two and a half weeks we have found ourselves feeling further afield, and travelling further afield on more than one occasion.

Last weekend, after 10 days in the city we felt we needed to sit behind the wheel, literally and metaphorically. We rented a car and headed for the Hudson valley. Every successful outing should have the appropriate food, and where better to stock up then the Warwick farmers market.

Stocked up with bread, pickles, cheese, pesto nick named baddhapesto, olives, and fresh apple turnovers (kind of apple pie), we headed for a Wawayanda state park.

There we found a lovely lake (managed to dodge the noisy beach and keep driving before the kids spotted it), a forest, shade and grass.

Real sense of ol'times in Warwick...(note the Est.)

We need either a bigger picnic blanket, or less people...

Another place we ventured further then we initially imagined was to the 15th floor of the hotel. After years of hoping for upgrades (to 1st class, to a better phone, better car) we were given an even better hotel room due to the mouse problem in our previous room. We now have a much bigger room, a lovely balcony, and an amazing view of the Empire State Building. And all we are waiting to do is move out, for the holiday to end, and for real life to start. But for now -

View of the East River from our balcony

Thursday we ventured further afield to to Staten Island on the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty

Find the children...

On the Ferry

Lady Liberty

With Manhattan behind us

And on Saturday, further afield and a 25 minute train ride away, we're in another world. The NYC Botanical Gardens to where we now are the proud owners of a family membership.

Seems like for the people of New York, same as for the people of Chelm, reflection pools are a big thing...

On to the children's adventure garden

Something for everyone
Further afield is the apartment we think we might have finalised, not further in distance, more like in budget...
Further afield is how I felt looking for school supplies for the kids in Manhattan this week, and
in general, New York City is yet to feel the obvious place for us to be.

It's Labor day weekend, the Empire State has had red white & blue lights on since Friday, work for me starts properly on Tuesday, School on Wednesday and hopefully will be having our next Shabbat Dinner with our own home made Challa, in our new home.

More to follow


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