Thursday 13 September 2012

A sense of achievement

There is something challenging about moving country, all familiar surroundings are lost. Almost like a newborn taking everything in with wide eyes and dribbly mouth, along with passion, excitement and apprehension all at the same time, so we take is our new surroundings. Same as a newborn there is a wealth of information to take in at any given time, and so much processing to be done. I think to a certain degree this is the appeal of the move. There is something energising and exciting that comes with every new day. Making plans you have never made before, seeing sights you have never seen, commuting on new types of transport, and adjusting to new yellow cheese. (Even though we never did adjust to the Israeli stuff, we were geographically close enough to London to have a steady supply of Cathedral Cheddar). Every plan drawn out that succeeds provides the planner with a sense of achievement even if it is just getting milk or frying Schnitzels.

Two weeks ago, Labor day weekend we had planned to go to Governors Island. The plan was drawn out, a picnic purchased, and off we went.

Nomi & Tomer as prisoners
Apparently prisoners salute & wash hands
Ha Ha, just an image of a cell. Not real prisoners

We then rented bikes -
Jona & a very happy Tomer
A very very happy Nomi
Me & the always happy Poppy
The Governor has great swings!
 We had a great sense of achievement, not to mention a truly lovely day.

Another great sense of achievement was moving into our own apartment and receiving our shipment. In very intense unfamiliar surroundings, familiar stuff goes a long way.

The apartment is partly furnished, but we needed a few bits, including a dining table.
New York is a city in constant motion as are her inhabitants. ie. lots of good quality second hand stuff being sold all the time.

Jona found us a lovely dining table, bought it, and was then faced with the challenge of how to get it home. Jona made a plan, and followed it step by step.

Step 1. Secure a zipcar car
Step 2. Get to the car with Poppy and car seat

Step 3. Deciding who will drive

 Step 4. picking up the table
Step 5. Placing the table

 Step 6. Dinner

A sense of achievement is great when you make a plan, and it works so well that you have some spare time for a little cherry on top. (or not, depending on what grabs your fancy)

So now we are a little more settled. We are achieving daily. Each of us in our own space, and together as we process and make sense of this city, of this adventure.

And now sitting here in my New York flat, with a very New Yorkish view out my window, I can't help but feel like Carrie Bradshaw, without the shoe collection...

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