Tuesday 4 August 2015

The Home Coming

The quiet before the storm. A month and a day of travels, and three years and three days after having left Israel for our NYC adventure, we arrive back home tomorrow.
When we left for NYC Nomi asked me why are we going. I explained that the relocation will create opportunities of learning and growth for all of us. In time we will no doubt come to evaluate and take stock as individuals and as a family as to what this experience has given us. Right now I know I feel changed and lucky to have had the challenge and grown thanks to the many new experiences we had.
We knew before we set out that part of the appeal of this experience is how temporary everything is. Three years of living for today, living for next week, knowing that every decision has a "sell by" date. We constantly felt that we don't see / do now, we won't have another chance to. That thought energized us and the need to leave the city motivated us.

A brief summary of our US explorations: We went on 28 overnight trips over the past 36 months. Shortest trip was one night in Philadelphia, longest trip was to the West Coast. furthest we drove by car - Savannah Georgia, most favorite National Park - Shenandoah. Most exciting discovery Hot Springs West Virginia, most days gone with no showers - 3. Hottest night - Lake Mead, 33 degrees at 2am. Funnest museum - The Exploratorium in San Francisco. Best Swimming Pool - Cookie & Jerry in LA.
We can't begin to count the number of people we met. Each of us separately, and together as a family. People who helped us through our time in NYC, who supported and became our network. Some of whom have become as close as family others have left their mark on us in other ways.
We reconnected, deepened and strengthened our relationships with family in a way we had never expected possible, this was the cherry on top of the experience. The bonus we had not anticipated.

We are on our way home, we are nervousited about the move. Many hurdles to cross; re-creating our home, new schools, finding jobs, re-engaging with old friends, staying in touch with our US friends, the culture shock, getting used to caring about the news and what is going on around us, looking out onto a  different horizon and more. There are also so many things we are looking forward to: re-creating our home and the familiarity of it all, new schools, finding jobs that are meaningful, re-engaging with old friends, hosting our US friends here, caring about the news and what is going on around us, looking out onto a different horizon, great food and close family!

See you all very soon,

The Cummings family wrapping up our NYC adventure.

(View of the Watchman at Zion National Park)

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