Sunday 8 June 2014

Life's funny twists and turns:part 2 by Nomi

On extremely short notice, we took off to Toronto.(see life's twists and turns part 1 )
After a 1 hour flight, we arrived in Toronto. Then we waited..... For 2 hours!
Then, we boarded a flight for ........... not 7,not 8,not 9, but 10(!!!!!!!!) hour flight to Israel .Due to the length of the flight, everyone got board pretty quickly (that's just a lie om). Actually I now remember we each had a little screen and we watch a bunch of movies. I watched a little Downton abbey with mommy and I also watched free birds. apparently the seats were really comfy.....
being here is really confusing because we are happy being here,but we are not, and home is where the heart is, but where is home?

Landing in Israel felt really weird because I thought that the next time we saw Israel would be when we came back to live here, but this was so unexpected and I didn't have time to process it in my mind.  Everything feels exactly the same like everything around us hasn't changed, but we have. A few new things that have happened..........

  • I went to the shop twice on my own
  • We went to the beach in February
  • I am going to miss nearly two weeks of school
  • I ate a hard boiled egg
  • I learned what a palyndrome is
  • And I am finally writing a post for this blog, as I have meant to do for a long time...
  • And finally I have not worn my red Shevet Tapuach hat for the first time since getting it on Machane Choref in Dec. 13.

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