Tuesday 2 April 2013


I met some people last week, and they were talking about how people hibernate in NYC during the winter. I wasn't quite sure what they were taking about. Who hibernates? Who can even dream of hibernating with three kids, work, and the longest school bus strike since 1979.
When I gave the whole hibernation issue a second thought I realised that a combination of being bogged down by the need to set up life here, and the coooold winter maybe has meant the last 4-5 months were spent trying to keep the balls in the air, our ship afloat, my head above water. So not quite the warm relaxing image of hibernation I had in my head, but definitely something I feel we are emerging from.

So here are some highlights from the past few months. Promise to try and keep y'all updated more often.

Lots of love, and belated Chag Sameach

From New York

Exodus from Egypt

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